Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yet Another Disappointing Romantic Comedy

In the recent DVD release, Just Wright, Queen Latifah plays the role of a physical therapist, Leslie Wright, who has an unexpected encounter with Scott McKnight (Common), the star player for the NJ basketball team, The Nets. Soon after the encounter, he develops a romantic relationship with her friend, Morgan (Paula Patton), who has always wanted to be a NBA trophy wife. When Scott's basketball career is threatened due to a severe knee injury, Morgan leaves him. Meanwhile, Leslie helps him recover and get back into the game. During this time, romantic sparks fly between Leslie and Scott; however, Morgan returns.

Will Leslie and Scott be together or will Scott leave Leslie high and dry for the manipulative Morgan?  You can probably guess the answer if you are familiar with the pattern of a romantic comedy. If you can't guess, knowing the answer is not even worth it because this film was such a disappointment mainly due to Common's weak acting skills and the lack of onscreen chemistry between him and Queen Latifah. The trailer pretty much gives the story away and the actual movie doesn't really add too much else.

I am glad I didn't waste $12 on this film and hope you didn't either. If you added it on your Netflix queue, do yourself a favor and remove it.


  1. But Common is so fine. Is it at least worth the eye candy?

  2. I think he looked more handsome in Date Night. He just looks awkward in this movie. I don't think he was the right actor for this role.