Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yet Another One Based on a Book!

Based on Ben Sherwood's fictional novel, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, the romantic drama film Charlie St. Cloud stars Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, and Amanda Crew as the leading cast. Directed by Burr Steers, this film tells the moving story of Charlie St. Cloud, who has to choose between keeping a promise to his dead brother or to go after the woman he loves. Watch and find out what choice he ends up making.

This movie is not only about grief and dealing with the loss of someone you love but also about second chances. Even though Charlie's brother dies in the car  accident, he survives and gets a second chance at life. It takes him a long time to realize why he was given a second chance at life. Watch and find out why.

Not at all depressing, this is a touching and well made film about the strong bond of love between two brothers. Efron did a really good job of portraying the lead role of Charlie St. Cloud. I highly recommend this movie for those of you who didn't see it in the theaters. Go check out the DVD.

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