Sunday, October 5, 2014

Entertaining Despite Its Flaws!

Was #BangBang predictable, larger than life, cheesy, cliche? Of course it was! Most Bollywood movies are but so are some Hollywood films! I could literally predict dialogues and scenes before they were said or happened. This was not because it is a remake of ‪#‎KnightandDay‬. I honestly don't even remember the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz version, I just remember walking out the theater thinking how awful it was.

The key to watching a Bollywood film is to have low expectations - anticipate the movie to be predictable, larger than life, cheesy and cliche. Once you move past that, you can actually enjoy the film.

Was #BangBang entertaining despite these flaws? Absolutely! I walked out the theater extremely happy because it was way better than the Hollywood version. How, you ask? The main reason was Hrithik Roshan, who truly carried the film. He is a remarkable actor - it was obvious how committed he was to the role. The soundtrack will leave you wanting to dance in your seats - it was that good! Furthermore, the cinematography is indeed praiseworthy - it was a beautifully shot film with quite a few exotic locations such as Prague, London and Shimla. Katrina Kaif did a fairly decent job and looked gorgeous. Last but not the least, Javed Jaffrey deserves an honorable mention - it's been a while since I have seen him on the big screen and he nailed his character! 

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