Saturday, March 13, 2010

Highly Recommended

Remember Me is a must-watch! It was much better than I expected. It is through this movie that Robert Pattinson proves that he can truly act! The Twilight Saga does not provide him enough opportunity to show the audience his potential because the character of a vampire does not give enough him range. But the role of Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me gives him the opportunity to truly show his range of acting skills. He plays the role an angry son, a caring brother, and a loving boyfriend in this film. He is indeed the highlight of the movie!

Even though the film was somewhat dark and deep, it was very real and relatable. Even though it was almost two hours long, it was perfectly paced and didn't drag at all. The editing was really good and each part of the storyline was shown with a perfect balance and in harmony with the story. Even though I had a gut feeling about the ending, I didn't quite expect the way it happened. I think the ending was very well-portrayed. The screenplay by Will Fetters was excellent. Kudos to all the actors for their good performances and to director, Allen Coulter, for making such an amazing movie.

Watch the trailer below to find out what the story is. However, there is much more to the story than just what is portrayed in the trailer. The story is not only about two lovers, who find happiness in each other because they have some things in common due to the life events they have had to face. It is also the story about two families and how they deal with the harsh realities of life that they have to endure. I highly recommend it not only for Robert Pattinson fans but for everyone - go watch it NOW!

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