Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Entertaining Despite Flaws!

When I saw the Jurassic World trailer, I was definitely intrigued. Who wouldn't want to see the likeable Chris Pratt on the big screen again after his excellent performance in the Guardians of the Galaxy? Though I was unsure how I would feel about it because I heard mixed reviews, I was still curious given how well it did on the box office during its opening weekend. So I decided to go watch it yesterday night. Much to my surprise, the theater was fully packed even though it was a late show on a Monday night!

Two and a half hours later, as the audience clapped, I left the theater thinking, "Wow - that was pretty awesome!" I will admit the film had flaws. Some of the acting performances were not very impressive including those by Bollywood actor, Irfan Khan, child actor Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. Though none of the characters were fully developed, the leading actors namely Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were charming to watch. In addition to the beautiful theme park, which reflected elements of modern technology, I also enjoyed watching the dinosaur fights way more than I expected as the special effects were great!

Given that the story held my interest throughout the duration of the film, it was a fun and entertaining movie in my opinion.

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