Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not That Funny!

Hot Tub Time Machine is a movie with typical non-sensical guy-humor. But it definitely was not as funny as classic guy-humor movies like American Pie or The Hangover. I think it was over-hyped and not as funny as some viewers made it sound.

This film stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson (from The Office), Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke as the four main characters the story revolves around. It's sad to say but John Cusack is losing his charm because he looks really old and should really be playing roles more suitable for his age. How did Craig Robinson gain so much weight? I don't think his role demanded him to gain so much weight. Rob Corddry always plays the douchebag, it's kinda getting old and therefore, he was just annoying in the movie. His wig in the end was bizarre and ugly. Clark Duke did a fairly decent job. But how he accepted his father in the end was a little unclear. Was he just happy that he finally found out who his father was?

The story was quite predictable and the script was weak especially the ending. It felt like an unsuccessful attempt to make a funnier version of the classic Back to the Future. Overall, the movie had some funny moments but not worth spending $11 on. Wait for the DVD to come out.

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