Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exceeding Expectations

I used to be a fan of Lindsay Lohan before....well, you all know what happened to her. I enjoyed her movies including Mean GirlsFreaky Friday, and Georgia Rule. Therefore, I decided to give Labor Pains a shot but had low expectations from the movie. Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it.

Labor Pains, as you can see, is the story of a girl, who fakes a pregnancy to save her job. The movie appealed to me because it had an interesting story. The film shows that when you tell a lie, sometimes you forget the reality and actually start living the lie. In this case, Thea Clayhill, the main character played by Lohan, discovers that faking a pregnancy, though making her life complicated, is making it better. She gets a promotion, feels appreciated by her coworkers, and falls in love. So how long will Thea fake her pregnancy? Will her coworkers ever find out the truth? Watch and find out.

Lohan was not as good in the movie as I had expected. At times, she was expressionless and hence, didn't appropriately portray the emotions the dialogues required. However, both Cheryl Hines and Bridgit Mendler did a great job portraying the roles of Lisa DePardo, Thea's confidant and friend at work, and Emma Clayhill, Thea's sister.

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