Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Must-Watch

Karan Johar brings yet another throught provoking movie to the big screen. My Name is Khan is the story of a Muslim man with Asperger's Syndrome, whose life is turned upside down after 9/11. This movie is about his journey and struggle to get his life back to normal and how he affects people's lives on the way.

Any Muslim or non-Muslim (such as Sikhs who wear the turban) who has ever faced prejudice or ridicule after 9/11 will be able to relate to this movie. I could personally relate because every time I fly through Dulles Airport on a United flight, I can never check in online or use the self check-in booth at the Dulles Airport because apparently my last name is on some "list" and every time, a United representative has to verify my date of birth before issuing me a boarding card.

This movie had a very strong message that it is unfair to label an entire nation as "terrorist" because of the acts of some extremists. It proves that Islam does not preach taking the lives of innocent people in the name of Jihad and if a Muslim thinks that way, he/ she is misguided. It shows how such extremists try to influence young minds to mislead them and make them go astray.

Kudos to Shibani Bhatija for writing such an excellent story and screenplay and to Karan Johar for making a movie with such a truthful and powerful message. Shahrukh Khan does an excellent job of portraying a man with Asperger's syndrome. Unfortunately, SRK has mostly been type cast as a romantic hero and appears to have the same style of acting in most roles. However, after Rab Ne Bana De Jodi, SRK again proves in My Name is Khan that he can do much more than just portray a romantic hero. I hope he continues to do such roles, where has a broad spectrum to exhibit his acting skills. Kajol seems to have gained weight, she even looked almost pregnant in some scenes. Is she preggers? I'm not sure. Nonetheless, she looked extremely beautiful in the movie and did a great job as expected.

After watching the trailers, you may think that a movie with a man wanting to go meet the President of the United States is stupid. But when you see the movie, you will understand that it is not stupid because a man with Asperger's syndrome always takes things literally because he cannot read between the lines or interpret body language like normal people do.

Yes, the movie is not perfect and has some flaws such as in the scene, where SRK is speaking to the people in the church in a town in Wilhelmina, Georgia, he speaks in Hindi. Why would he not speak in English to an English-speaking audience? How did those people understand him? Also, SRK has a dialogue where he says that he and Mandira (played by Kajol) had a Nikah, which was inaccurate because the way SRK and Kajol get married in the movie did not appear to be a Nikah, it seemed like it was a ceremony being conducted by a priest (not a Hindu priest though).

However, instead of paying attention to the slight flaws in the storyline, we should concentrate on the message this movie portrays. This movie is a must-watch for all!

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