Monday, June 7, 2010

First Guest Blog

As promised, here is the guest blog regarding SATC 2, written by my friend and mentor, Aliah Wright. 
    As a former entertainment editor and sometime music and film critic, I'm honored to be guest blogging about a movie I found absolutely, positively fabulous!
   OK, so if you're a SATC fan then you'll have no complaints - or maybe just a few. I love the girls. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and that other one - the one with the babies, what's her name? Oh, Charlotte. (Show's you how much SHE means to me). Anyway, the interesting thing about DEUX is how UNREALISTIC Carrie's view of marriage is. But let me not get ahead of myself.
   As our sequel opens we're treated to an over-the-top wedding - Carrie's gay best friend, Stanford, and Charlotte's gay best friend, Anthony, are getting hitched. And who better to sing at a gay wedding (and officiate apparently) than Liza Minnelli! But people please, did 64-year-old Liza HAVE to sing Beyonce's "Single Ladies Put a Ring on It?" I thought she was going to keel over - especially from those high heels and tight showgirl outfit! (Breathe, Liza, Breathe)! 
   BIG tells Carrie he thinks they should take 'mini-breaks' from each other (much to her horror); Charlotte has a crisis of faith in her parenting/marital abilities after Samantha points out how unbelievable hot her Irish nanny is; 53-year-old Samantha begins swearing by the many pills she's taking to stave off the ravishing effects of age; and Miranda, well, Miranda's just still snarky Miranda.
  Smith Jared, Samantha's impossibly hot ex (who is not in the movie long enough in my opinion), invites Sam and Carrie to his movie premiere, shot on location in Abu Dhabi (where all the girls wind up a third of the way into the movie thanks to a hookup Samantha gets). At the premiere, which Carrie has to drag BIG to, she discovers that marriage isn't all wine and roses and partying until you drop. (Note to Carrie: Dating is MUCH more fun and THIS is why writers don't marry people until the END of the story because NO ONE likes to see Prince Charming and Cinderella sitting on the couch eating takeout! But reality check: THAT IS what marriage IS - once you walk down the aisle the chase is over! The cow's in the barn! The cow doesn't come out of the barn, put on Jimmy Choos and dance all over New York City! Get a grip!) It is her unrealistic expectation that Happily Ever After means 'Party Over Here' every single night once the noose, er, I mean ring, is on your finger!
  So Carrie and the girls head to Abu Dhabi, where Charlotte and Miranda bond over how hard it is to parent ("I don't know HOW stay-at-home moms WITHOUT Nannies do it!" Charlotte cries); Samantha proves that you can't have Sex in Every City without consequences, and Carrie runs into Aidan - who is now married with three kids (Wait, how did THAT Happen? Wasn't he supposed to be in Limbo waiting for Carrie to come to her senses and come back to him???) But I digress. 
  SPOILER ALERT!!! Carrie kisses Aidan, has a crisis of faith in her love for BIG, who DARED to buy the mistress- of-shoes a flat screen in the bedroom as an anniversary gift, (guess he missed the memo on NOT giving your woman anything shiny and electronic as a present)! And he responds by forgiving her for that kiss (after all, it was JUST a kiss) and giving her a rock big enough to choke on and promising her they won't wind up on the couch watching TV (like every other boring married couple on the planet- yeah, we'll see how long THAT lasts). 
  Seriously, though, the movie was phenomenal. The girls still have lots of sex; the clothes and shoes are to die for (even during the 80's flashback when Miranda had on sneakers with her too tight power suit); and the City, well, it never looked better!


  1. I think Carrie's view of marriage shows that she is truly a CITY GIRL! Otherwise, she would have moved to the suburbs like Miranda or wanted to have kids like Charlotte. And Miranda is NOT snarky! I like Miranda - she is probably the most normal of the four. I had hoped that Samantha would settle down in the sequel, but I guess they showed that Samantha will always be Samantha! And the girls are not having lots of sex - I think Samantha is having enough sex for all of them. Maybe Carrie is when BIG gets time off being a couch potato or when she takes time apart from him. But apparently after becoming a mother or when a woman chooses to be a mother and a career woman, apparently she doesn't get to have sex - that's what it seemed like from the portrayal of Charlotte's and Miranda's life. I really wish in the two and half hours, they would have also shown more of Miranda and Steve's relationship AND Charlotte and Harry's relationship. And I totally agree about Liza Minnelli - that was the worst part of the movie!!! My favorite part was the 80s flashback - if they do decide to make a third one, I think they should go back in time and show how they all met and the life of the four girls before they became best friends. Because dragging the story any further than they did in the sequel would be, I hate to say it, painful - I would still go watch it though!!!

  2. OK, I like the idea of a SATC prequel - but seriously, those four would NOT be the ones to pull it off. Each 'girl' is in her mid-forties (not that's there's anything wrong with that) and Samantha is 50! They would have to introduce a whole new set of girls - which is not a bad idea actually! @ least we can agree on the Liza Minnelli part - I mean, why not just ask Beyonce to sing?? THAT would have been far better - I felt embarrassed for Liza up there trying to sing a song that doesn't suit her. But overall, we are in agreement the movie was great. As for Charlotte and Miranda - people don't have that much sex when they get married! And married sex is well, really kind of boring. LOL. You certainly won't be seeing them having it outside on the beach on top of a car, ala Samantha. That's for sure. Not after they've been married for years.