Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why Did I Waste $12?

That is what you will be saying if you watch Killers. This latest directorial venture of Robert Luketic, whose resume includes excellent movies like 21, The Ugly Truth, and Legally Blonde, is disappointing to say the least. The movie is supposed to be an action comedy but it is mostly an action film because it is not very funny. 

Don't be deceived by the trailer - the plot may seem interesting but it does not come together very well on the big screen due to the poorly written screenplay by Bob DeRosa and Ted Griffin. The story is flawed and the ending is stupid. The leading cast may consist of the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher and the charming Katherine Heigl but unfortunately, they do not have good on-screen chemistry. 

Overall, the movie falls short of expectations. Save your $12 and go have a nice meal instead. Don't even bother watching it on DVD as it is not worth wasting your time. 


  1. Wow Saadia, this is the first time I've seen you give such a bad review, it must've been really really bad :)

  2. It started off well but the ending was so awful, it pissed me off! It was not as good as I had expected an Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl film to be.

  3. I agree with Saadia, the film was horrible. Especially the ending. The script sucked big time - and if I was Ashton Kutcher and Katharine Heigl I would never let Robert Luketic direct me in another film again. Now, that said, I liked The Ugly Truth, but it was panned by critics BIG TIME, so much so the studio wouldn't screen Killers for critics. The action scenes were good, but in terms of believability - I was like WTH? Anyway, I agree save your money AND your time!