Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!

Just like the show Friends, no matter how many times I watch an episode of Sex and the City, it never gets old. So I was obviously thrilled when I heard that a movie based on the show was coming out and absolutely loved it! I was a little skeptical about the sequel because I felt the first film ended on a perfect note and I couldn't imagine how the story could be prolonged any further. However, Michael Patrick King, who directed, produced, and wrote the screenplay, did not disappoint me in Sex and the City 2. Even after two and half hours, which is the length of the movie, I wanted to see more of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha!

Yes, the first one was better; nonetheless, the sequel was funny and entertaining. Yet again, I'm sure a lot of women will be able to relate to the lives of the four best friends; whether it's Carrie's fear of becoming an old and boring married couple, Miranda's career issues caused by her gender, Charlotte's challenges as the mother of two kids, or Samantha's aging woes.

In addition to the stunning dresses, the highlight of the movie was an insight into the culture of Abu Dhabi and the depiction of the clash between American culture vs. Middle Eastern culture. I was definitely awed by the beautiful scenic view of Abu Dhabi; however, it was sad to see that the Muslim male population in the city can be so hypocritical. On one hand, they don't let the women come out without covering themselves, even their faces and on the other hand, they serve alcohol, which is also forbidden in Islam.

Anyhow, the only disappointing part of the sequel was that besides Mr. Big, the other male leads did not have prominent roles as they did in the first film.

I'm sure the question on everybody's mind is whether something happens between Carrie and Aidan or not. Well, you will just have to watch the sequel and find out!

NOTE: Since I'm sure you can't get enough of Sex and the City 2, look out for a Guest Blog regarding the sequel coming up soon!

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