Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Hope For a Miracle. Make One.

Have you ever felt completely helpless and hopeless? That's how John Crowley felt when his two kids were diagnosed with Pompe disease, a life threatening neuromuscular disorder, and doctors told him there was no cure for it. Thus began his journey to find a cure for this disease with the help of an eccentric but brilliant scientist. This is the story of Brendan Fraser's latest movie, Extraordinary Measures, in which he plays the role of John Crowley. The movie also stars Harrison Ford as the eccentric scientist, Dr. Robert Stonehill, and Keri Russell as Aileen, the wife of John Crowley.

After the two disappointments of 2010: Leap Year and The Lovely Bones, it was refreshing to watch a movie that did not drag and was not missing anything (like The Lovely Bones didn't show how the main character was murdered). Extraordinary Measures was to the point and perfectly timed. Inspired by the book, The Cure by Geeta Anand, which is based on the true story of the Crowley family, the film was inspiring and hopeful. It showed that if you are determined, you can achieve anything in life. Nothing is impossible because miracles do happen! Not only parents but anyone who has ever felt helpless and hopeless in life will be able to relate to this movie.

Kudos to Robert Nelson Jacobs for writing an excellent screenplay. Two thumps up for Brendan Fraser, Keri Russell, and Harrison Ford for their remarkable acting. Meredith Droeger deserves a special mention because she definitely stole the show in the role of Megan Crowley, the "fighter" daughter who was diagnosed with Pompe disease. And last but not the least, to Tom Vaughan, the director - thank you for translating the heartwarming story of the Crowley family onto the big screen.

If you haven't figured it out already, yes this movie is definitely worth spending $11 on! So go watch it in the theaters!

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