Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Life is Ruined

That should have been the name of the movie, My Life in Ruins because I ruined an hour and half of my life by watching this movie. Thank God I didn't waste $11 on it and watched it on DVD! Those of you who watched in the theaters, sorry you wasted your time and money. So those who were planning to watch it on DVD, Don't! If it's on your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, remove it NOW!

My Life in Ruins was a story about an uptight tourist guide in Greece, who is miserable because she doesn't like her job and is single and lonely. So how do you think this story would progress? She has to find a solution to both her problems. How she does that is the main crux of the story.

One word to describe this movie: BORING! How can a movie be classified as a romantic comedy if it's not funny? This should have been more appropriately classified as a documentary about Greece because that's what it seemed like. It reflected the culture and historical sites of Greece and that's the only thing it did well.

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