Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now That was a Good Movie!

After a long wait, I finally watched Post Grad.  When I saw the trailers, I knew I was going to like this movie because Alexis Bledel is a good actress (loved her in Gilmore Girls and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and the story seemed interesting. And my instincts about this movie were right!

Post Grad is the story of a recent college graduate, Ryden Malby, and her life after graduation. Things don't go accordingly to her plan and she has to move back to her parents' house while she struggles to find a job. All those who have struggled to find a job after graduating from college will be able to relate to this story. The movie proves that things don't always go accordingly to plan because sometimes life can throw you a curveball. But if you are determined and persistent, things will eventually work out for you, even if it is not what you had originally planned or how you had expected how your life would turn out to be.

Those people are very lucky who find someone they love, who loves them back. Post Grad also shows that if you are one of those lucky people, take a leap of faith and don't let the person you love slip away. Because jobs may come and go and life may seem tough sometimes but if you are with someone you love, the journey will seem much easier and bearable.

I really liked this movie because the story was relatable. If you like chick flicks and have not yet watched this one, I highly recommend it.

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