Sunday, January 17, 2010

Low Expectations, Less Disappointment

The first Indian movie I saw this year: Chance Pe Dance - the story of a struggling actor, who aspires to make it big in Bollywood. Like every struggling artist, he has to go through various obstacles to make his dream come true from being backstabbed by friends, rejected from various auditions, false promises, losing his apartment to losing his day job. So does he finally become a big star? Watch and find out. If you watch mainstream Indian films regularly, I am sure you can guess the ending of the movie.

Even though the movie got bad reviews, why did I watch it? One reason: Shahid Kapoor. Need I say more! Shahid is not only an extremely talented dancer (which I know for sure because I was quite impressed by his performance in an Indian concert I saw a few years back) but also a great actor.  He has proven his acting skills through movies such as VivahJab We Met, and Kaminey, all of which were a huge success at the box office.

I am not saying Chance Pe Dance was great but it was not bad either. It was a mediocre film, which was what I expected when I saw the trailer. Shahid Kapoor did a good job and exhibited his dancing skills well in the movie. However, Genelia D'Souza really needs to brush up her acting skills, I think she still needs to mature as an actor. I wish the part about the kids and their dancing competition had been expanded on a little more, that part was very poorly presented in the movie. Unfortunately, the music was not very impressive. The only song I liked was Pump It Up.

But on the whole, the movie met my expectations and therefore, I liked it. If you are a Shahid Kapoor fan like me, I am sure you are dying to watch this movie so I would say go for it! Otherwise, you can wait to watch it on DVD.

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