Saturday, January 16, 2010

Elements of a Successful Movie

In addition to English movies, I also love watching Indian movies. The last Indian movie I saw back in December was called 3 Idiots. It comes to me as no surprise that it was indeed one of the best Indian films I have ever seen. You ask why? Because it starred one of the greatest actors in Bollywood: Aamir Khan, whose movies are always so different and unique. In 3 Idiots, Aamir played the role of a college student. Inspite of being 44 years old, he was quite believable as a college student because he completely transformed himself for the role through his haircut, attire, and his excellent acting skills.

3 Idiots was a story of three college students studying engineering and their journey during and after college. It was an extremely funny movie with a moral: follow the career path that you are passionate about. It mocked education systems that encourage ratafication rather than real learning and put excessive pressure on students to get good grades.  It had yet another message: don't aim for success, aim for excellence and success will follow. 

The best way to tell a story with a moral: make it funny, relatable, and believable. How to make a movie a box office success - cast a popular actor in the leading role and have an interesting screenplay. 3 Idiots had all these elements. No wonder everybody who has seen raves about it! Every status update on Facebook about the movie only has praise for it or has the dialogue from the movie that people will continue to quote for a long time: "All is Well."

Therefore, it is not surprising that the movie won five Star Screen Awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor in a Comic Role, and Best Actor in a Negative Role. I think it was an injustice that the movie did not win the Best Actor award. No doubt the story and direction were good but Aamir Khan brought the crowds to the theaters. He was the main character in the movie and the main reason behind the success of the film! Don't worry Aamir, your fans love you and love the movie because of you! I hope you keep entertaining us like this for years to come.

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