Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Your Profession Exciting Enough to be on TV?

I would like to switch gears to another favorite topic of mine: TV shows!

So ABC has a new show - The Deep End. Can you guess what's it about? Let me give you three options: detectives, doctors, or lawyers? Yes, it's about lawyers. Don't get me wrong, the show does seem to have potential. And I will probably watch it because unlike doctor shows, I am not sick of lawyer shows yet! Speaking of lawyer shows, other good ones are Drop Dead Diva and Raising the Bar.

Anyways, coming back to the point - how come majority of the shows on TV are about detectives, doctors, or lawyers? Are these the only professionals with a life exciting enough to be on TV? One show that was finally different - Trust Me about advertisers, why was it cancelled? Just because it was different?

Would you ever watch a show about accountants? I think we need a show about accountants that would break the myth that they are boring because the image we have of them with thick glasses and a pocket calculator is nothing but a stereotype. Yes, there is The Office but it's not dedicated solely to accountants. But hats off to The Office for NOT being about crime, law, or medicine! For those of you who have never watched it, the title of The Office gives it all away - it's about life in the office. Even though it's about people who work at a paper company, it is relatable to anybody who works in an office.

Now a food for thought about professionals on reality TV. How come there are reality shows about entrepreneurs, fashion designers, hair stylists, cooks, dancers, and singers but none about writers or journalists?

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