Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mostly Well Deserved Golden Globes

I am extremely happy that Avatar won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Drama and James Cameron won the award for Best Director. He truly deserved to win!

Some people may be surprised but I am thrilled that The Hangover won the award for Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. That movie was hilarious! When I went to watch it, the entire theater was laughing at almost every scene of the movie. I always felt like awards such as the Oscars and Golden Globes mostly were given to movies that were not mainstream. Therefore, I am glad that finally commercial movies are being recognized and appreciated not only by the audiences but also by such award shows.

The only Golden Globe that I think was not well deserved was the Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy award that Robert Downing Jr. won for Sherlock Holmes. That movie was NOT funny! And as much as I appreciated his performance in Iron Man, I am sorry to say but he was terrible in Sherlock Holmes, especially his British accent. That movie on the whole was terrible and truly did not deserve to win any awards. Surely, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a much better job in 500 Days of Summer, which was actually much more entertaining than Sherlock Holmes.

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